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One Girl. Two Worlds. 
Bound by Destiny.

Sixteen-year-old Cassie Walker is far more than the girl next door - she just doesn't know it yet. Reeling from the death of her Gramps, Cassie is trying to find normalcy in mundane things. Unfortunately, wolf attacks have put everyone on edge in her small town of Jasper. For Cassie, the wolf attacks are less of a concern than the handsome stranger she meets - Gabriel. He is mysterious and infuriatingly stirs emotions in her she has never experienced. 

When an event shatters her reality, Cassie discovers that warring Werewolf factions have come to town in search of a Prophecy Book. They are desperate to learn of the premonition that caused a loyal Oracle and Prophecy Keeper to break protocol and defect - a premonition that some feel could shatter the balance between Were and Humans, thrusting the world into a civil war.

As family secrets come to light, Cassie learns there is more than one reason she plays a vital role in events that are to unfold and that she could be the anomaly standing between the annihilation of humans. 


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